Don Pizarro in Fidelio

Saturday, October 13, 2012
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Seattle Opera


Greer Grimsley returns to the Seattle Opera to reprise the villianous role of Pizarro, a role he he first performed in Glasglow, Scotland, where critics hailed, "a thoroughly evil Don Pizarro, but never descending to villainous caricature. The Act II quartet was dramatically and vocally thrilling." He has since reprised the role in many different productions and has continued to wow audiences. "American baritone Greer Grimsley is one of the best operatic heavies around these days. He relishes evil characters – so much so that his Don Pizarro is almost lovable. It’s the Bela Lugosi effect. Bloodsucking looks fun and glamorous"

As Greer has said, "Beethoven's Music is inspiring, demanding, but most of all is the work of a genius."